It is advisable not to use the phone while driving. You can, however, find ways to place it on your dashboard so you can access it as and when you need it. You can change the playlist of the songs, view texts, play movies, and do simple navigation if the phone is firmly attached to the dashboard. There are smarter ways of using iPhone when you are driving the car.

Some room in the car

You can check if the dashboard of the car has some room. You can simply place a magnet and let your phone stick to it. This is a simple mount that holds the iPhone just fine. Adhesive mounts are another types of mounts that you can use on the dashboard of your car. This stops your iPhone crash into the car while driving. A word of advice here is to avoid using suction cups which are commonly used, as they do not hold the iPhone and drops the phone easily.

Mounts that are good for your iPhone

  • For less then 20 dollars you can buy a suction cup that is extra large to hold the phone.
  • If the dashboard has an extensible arm, you can use this type of a suction cup.
  • Cradle like mounts that come with springs attached are also a good option.
  • They hold the phone even when the car bumps while riding.
  • A CD-slot mount for the smartphone is a good alternative option as well.
  • You can use this mount to hold the smartphone if you have not been using it in a while.
  • A CD-mount design can play CDs and hold the phone as well.
  • A magnet mount lets the phone hitch to the area magnetically and stay put.
  • Air vent mounts are not idea because they can block the vent that it was designed for.
  • Choose this spot for the mount and use the same spot regularly.

Different ways mounts respond

Sometimes, they can interfere with wireless charging. There are many iPhone car mount types that you can choose from. However, ideally, the magnet mounts are proven to be more practical and simple to use on almost all types of dashboards of the car. Make sure that no liquid such as, coffee, drinks, beverages, or even food stands closer to this mount. You can always use a cover for your iPhone so no damage is caused during the drive. A few people love eating inside the car, but when they use these simple measures, they can keep their iPhones protected.

Some more preventive measures

Keep your iPhones dust free. If there is a layer of dust surrounding the car mount, you would want to clean that first and then mount the iPhone. Electronic items like iPhones are sensitive even to minutest form of dust and lint. Having a suitable mount alone will not keep it secure. You will require taking care of these other measures, too.


All and all, choose a mount that will not interfere with charging or GPS navigation. Place the mount in a spot that makes it visible regardless of the glare or sunshine.