The Uk, within our opinion, comes with an expanding e- commerce market. Her unique distinction to be the quickest growing e-commerce market aside from to be the largest online retail market in Europe. E-commerce sales in United kingdom were over 48 billion pounds in 2007. The e-commerce market in United kingdom is anticipated to develop for a price of 40% each year. Germany is the second biggest market in Europe boasting of E-commerce sales of more than 13 billion Euros.

The e-commerce scenario within the entire Europe looks quite vibrant. European B2C ecommerce sales are anticipated to develop in an annual rate of growth of 25% each year within the next 5 years by 2011 the marketplace is anticipated to achieve nearly 323 billion Euros. Presently, United kingdom together with Germany and France dominate nearly 72% from the total e-commerce market in United kingdom. However, this figure is anticipated to visit lower as other European nations join the e-commerce bandwagon.

However, the United kingdom ecommerce market dwarfs whenever we compare it with other developed markets such as the US. The United States ecommerce market entered the united states $1.3 trillion mark in 2003.A lot of companies in United kingdom happen to be slow with regards to e-commerce adoption when compared with their counterparts in america. Despite as being a world leader in mobile telecommunications technology the Uk is not in a position to take advantage of its strengths but still lags behind some countries in e-commerce development. Knowledge of British language and amounts of internet transmission are a few additional factors which haven’t been leveraged to full effect by companies in United kingdom for e-commerce development.

Not every sectors from the United kingdom economy have accepted e-commerce. Sectors for example financial services, insurance, air travel conduct nearly thirty to forty percent of the sales through the electronic mode. Other sectors happen to be slow with regards to technology adoption and also have therefore lagged behind in e-commerce adoption. However, the long run seems to become quite vibrant because the United kingdom government takes a professional-active role in e-commerce development. It aims to help make the Uk the ‘best online marketplace within the world’ and it has initiated several measures to improve ecommerce.

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